Inspired news @ Marie’s Seafood, Hanh Nguyen


Hanh Nguyen, a business owner of Marie’s Seafood in Port Arthus, Texas, and her employee tirelessly worked to get her store open, a remarkable transformation.

original photos and story by David Lohr,HuffPost:

Just a few days ago, Hanh Nguyen was waist-deep in water.

The water started rising at her store, Marie’s Seafood in Port Arthur, Texas, on Tuesday — the day that tropical storm Harvey dumped 26 inches of rain on the city, triggering flash flooding and causing thousands to evacuate.

HuffPost visited Nguyen’s store on Thursday, when the water was still up to her calves. She said she’s owned the place — which sells seafood and other food items — since 1999, and she has no flood insurance.

But Nguyen has not given up. She, her family and store workers were already tirelessly cleaning the place, using mops, towels, whatever they could find.

When we came back on Saturday afternoon — a day we saw no other open businesses in the immediate area — Marie’s Seafood looked as if nothing had ever happened. Customers had already started returning.

Employees said they worked tirelessly over the past three days to return the store to normal and serve the community.



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